Why support local Copper Country businesses?

The Effect You Have

Simply put, when you support local Copper Country businesses, you support local Copper Country people. 

While it is true there are businesses a plenty in bigger cities like Marquette and Escanaba, in the Keweenaw it's a little different. We have a small tight-knit community that relies on one another to keep the local economy strong, healthy, and diverse. 

This is not to say one can't search for a deal, or that shopping locally means allowing local businesses to hold a monopoly that increases prices. But with so many honest business owners here in Houghton/Hancock trying to make ends meet, spending money locally doesn't have to mean losing out on a great deal!

And with Copperdale Window Cleaning, you can trust you're getting just that, a professional service at a great price!  

Looking for some other great local businesses? 

Look no further!

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