See Our Rates Before You Call 

Here at Copperdale Window Cleaning, we believe we owe it to the Copper Country Community to offer professional window cleaning services at rates that meet the economic needs of our neighbors.  

Our Rates:

Window Cleaning

~All quotes are FREE!~

1 Story Homes Starting at: $225

2 Story Homes Starting at: $355

3 Story Homes Starting at: $405

Businesses Starting at: $55

Storefronts Starting at: $25

What does "Starting at" mean?

We provide a free quote to every home or business that calls us - but we know you probably want to have a ballpark idea of what it will cost before you make your call. This is why we give a "starting at" price to help. Know there are variables including time, fuel, supplies, and labor that will be factors to the final price; however, the Copperdale promise is to explain everything clearly as well as provide an itemized quote so you never feel left in the dark! (We have enough of that in the winter already.)