Meet the Copperdale Team

Rob Urbaniak


Veronica Urbaniak

Office Administrator 

Why Clean Windows and Homes in the Keweenaw?

My wife Veronica and I were both born and raised in Michigan. When I was young, my grandpa taught me and my 2 brothers how to put in a hard days work.  He also taught us a lesson in how to make ends meet and to do it with a smile. 

"Joy isn't found in doing the work everyone wants to do. Find the work no one wants to do, and look for the joy in it. The world the way it is, you'll never go hungry if you do the work no one wants to do."

How true those words were. And even more so living in the UP and having a chance to work with clients as honest and kind as our neighbors here in the Copper Country are.

We're proud to be members of the Keweenaw Chamber of Commerce!