How we do it!

Often the thought of cleaning 2nd and 3rd story windows can elicit visions of scaffolding, long extension ladders, and frankly, some fairly iffy work that most parents and grandparents simply wouldn't want to see their family doing for them.  

Is this the only way to get those tall panes clean, bright, and shining like the day they were installed?

Thanks to Copperdale Window Cleaning, not anymore!
We employ the same advanced technology used at the local spotless carwash in town, only for your windows! 

This is a water purification system that we hook directly to your hose. We then run this zero-TDS water through a hose fixed to our 50-foot carbon fiber pole and sprayed out of a natural boars-hair brush head that we use to scrub and rinse your windows.

This process gives a perfect shine every time, and without ever touching a ladder or scaffolding!

(We use a similar, proprietary process to clean the interior of your high panes.)