Have a look around and see us work and "play" at some of the beautiful locations the UP has to offer!

We provide window cleaning for many businesses in Houghton and Hancock!

Window cleaning no matter the season!

Owner/Operator of Copperdale Window Cleaning, LLC

Making sure the windows have no residue

Cleaning windows is all in the wrist!

Sometimes you just need a pro when it comes to cleaning those hard to reach windows.

A break from cleaning to visit the Covered Road!

Even the tallest windows can be cleaned safely!

Even a horse can appreciate the need for clean windows and mirrors! 

Most companies will work rain or shine, but the Copperdale team knows that in the Keweenaw you need to add snow into that mix! 

We're very happy to add Taco Bell to our list of satisfied customers! 

Window Cleaning With Extension Pole

When cleaning windows, we use premium squeegee rubbers that leave no streaks!

Robert, Owner of Copperdale Window Cleaning, LLC

Sometimes you need special tools when Cleaning windows in Houghton/Hancock

"Business meeting" with important Keweenaw "clients"

Take time to stop and smell the roses...and the grass...

Everyone needs some relaxation time, even 4 legged window cleaners!

Stopping in to say Hi